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I love working with wood

It's like coming home to a place I've always known.

Tash Morton – Biography

tash-morton-avatar.jpgI love its texture, the grains, the way a join goes together like a puzzle, the magic of adding oil to your finished work and making the piece come to life.

When I create a piece of furniture I want it to be functional and pleasing to the eye. I love to work with the grain in the timbers to highlight their natural beauty and flow.

My love for working with wood was originally inspired by my Dad’s interest in house design and building skills. Over the years I have collected tools for my ever-growing passion in woodwork. My early projects included building verandahs, house renovations, a pole shed and kitchen cabinets. It has been a natural progression into furniture making. I have since studied and practiced with some of Australia’s finest woodworkers Neil Scobie, Robert Howard and Paul Webb.

Learning the skill of furniture-making is a life long process. I am continuously discovering new techniques, timbers, designs and tools. Working with Australian cabinet timber species and recycled timbers, my furniture reflects my passion. It is beautiful, stylish, functional and unique.

There is something very special knowing you are producing a piece of furniture that will supersede your own lifetime. I like to think of every piece I make as a future antique to be enjoyed by generations to come.

My Workshop

tash morton woodworking workshopBased at the foot of Koonyum range on the outskirts of Mullumbimby, my workshop is the home of my creativity. I use a mix of modern machinery and hand tools to create my furniture. Getting the balance right with what you can do with machines and what is best done with your hand tools is part of the finely tuned craft. Hand tools are far more forgiving, less noisy and more enjoyable to use.

I work out of a pole shed that I built with my brother. It is a peaceful place to work, surrounded by bushland with high ceilings and gorgeous natural light. My workshop hosts my refined collection of workbenches. It seems a woodworker can never have too many workbenches or clamps.

On weekends, one of my favourite things to do is sift through garage sales for old tools to refurbish. Woodwork is not only my work, it’s my life!