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I’m currently on a working/surf guiding trip in the Solomon Islands and have come armed with the latest edition of the Australian Wood Review (Volume 82). Whilst it’s great being in paradise, I am missing my workshop and the magazine is sparking my enthusiasm to get back to my tools. The story about Australian woodworker, David Upfill-Brown has captured my interest. What a legend.

I love David’s finely curved and stylised cabinet featured in the magazine (p42). It’s a piece of artwork as much as a functional piece of furniture. The story of his journey as an artist, craftsman and furniture designer is a humbling tale. His passion, focus and flexibility in his woodwork career has been paramount to his success. Teaching, travelling and perfecting his skills over the last 40 years, his life has weaved an interesting tale.

David Upfill Brown has an eclectic style, breaking away from traditional and symmetrical furniture design. His Amatory Chairs from 2006, made from laminated and hand carved Mahogany are exquisite examples of what a custom made chair can epitomise. Not only are they a gorgeous design, the curves and joinery are seamless and they emanate a timeless beauty. I haven’t had the chance to sit on one yet but no doubt they are comfortable as well.

So whilst the waves have been great on this trip on the east coast of Malaita, I can’t help feel a twinge of excitement about returning to my workshop. I’m currently working on two display cabinets out of red cedar for a client. Inspired by David’s story I’m itching to work my spokeshave to the curves.

About the Author
Tash Morton has an insatiable passion for woodworking. Her hand-crafted furniture epitomises beauty and exceptional technique. Based on the Northern Rivers New South Wales, she designs and creates custom furniture inspired by her natural surrounds and local timbers. If not found covered in dust and wood shavings, Tash can often be seen riding a wave or bushwalking.

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