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I have a bit of an obsession with making timber drawers. When i started out making furniture it was my dream to make a chest of drawers using traditional joinery. A dozen sets of drawers later and i’m still as passionate about the construction of these complex and satisfying furniture projects.

Not only do you need to build a cabinet to house the drawers but you then need to construct and fit each drawer individually to the cabinet. Keeping everything numbered and in order is important during this process, otherwise you can spend ages trying to work out what drawer belongs to what space.

My favourite join to use on drawers is the dovetail join. It looks spectacular and it makes the drawer super strong. The join is designed to tighten as you pull on it, which makes it ideal for drawers. Recently i built a set of drawers using a single sliding dovetail which i housed into the drawer front.

Other designs for drawers include making a drawer box and then fitting a ‘false front’. This allows you to make the drawer without needing to fit the front of the drawer until the final stage. You can also choose to use a different timber for the drawer front, if this suits your project better.

The most important thing with drawers is to take your time with measurements. A well fitted drawer is the result of time, patience and of course skill! There is nothing more satisfying to a furniture maker than a drawer that runs smoothly and fits like a glove.

About the Author
Tash Morton has an insatiable passion for woodworking. Her hand-crafted furniture epitomises beauty and exceptional technique. Based on the Northern Rivers New South Wales, she designs and creates custom furniture inspired by her natural surrounds and local timbers. If not found covered in dust and wood shavings, Tash can often be seen riding a wave or bushwalking.

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